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Sri Lanka is one of the greatest and one of a kind tourism destination and we as Jonty Tours provide all the tourism requirements as you ever need. Our experienced tour guides, tourism drivers and staff will assure to arrange all you need in Sri Lanka for a best tourism experience around.

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The Unforgettable

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an extraordinary Island located in the middle of the Indian ocean. It has been named the best tourism destination for many years by worlds best tourism annalists and agencies. The range of animal and plant diversity, variations in climates, geographical facts and unparalleled hospitality makes Sri lanka a one of a place in the world. Most of the things you encounter in this tiny spec of land are found no where else on this planet.

One Day Excursions

It's All within Range

Sri Lanka is a country having only few hundred kilometers of width and length yet it harbors tourism destinations you wouldn't even find in a major continent.

Sri Lanka

A Place Like No Other

It's the best tourism location in the word for everything from grass lands to pure rain forests, ants to elephants, sprouts to blue whales. It's thousands of years of civilization, culture, heritage and art. You would find no other place like this..

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